Slaves Required for Filming

Terms and Conditions

All ages and levels of experience required. We dont mind unexperienced filming slaves as we will guide you on the day.

A payment of £100 is required. This avoids time wasters and helps to cover costs on the day.

If you have filmed with us in the past, and we like you, you will not be charged the £100.

Your identity will be concealed (hoods available) but feel free to bring your own.

 Please Note: We run a tight ship.

Strict organisation of the day is paramount to an effective and successful shoot. The schedule including details of which Mistress will be filming will be released and made available. You will indicate on your application which dates and the length of time you are available.

There will be 1-2 dommes on set (plus the cameraman).

Often there are 2-3 slaves involved in the day, we ask each slave to arrive before their scheduled time and to leave when their filming is over. Each slave will be allocated a 1 hour filming slot wherein each domme will use you for 1 hour non-stop. Be prepared.

In general we’d like 20-30 mins scenes but we’re not ruling out the possibility of clips of around 5-10 mins. We aim to produce films that have genuine interaction and the filming will now be a slower pace resulting in longer clips.

We will film your BDSM interests and match you with the right Mistress. You will not have the choice. This is our decision. We will try to match you with a lady that we feel complements you and the D/s connection will take precedence. Often the more well-known ladies bring their owned slaves to film with, and are not available anyway. All the ladies that film with us are exceptional and multi-talented, and you will have an excellent experience with each. 

You will also be given the opportunity to join our gatherings.

Let us know if you have any particular skill e.g If you can suck your own cock, do tell us.