Mistress Alexandra Wildfire

How long have you been a prodomme?

I have been prodomme for 4 years

How did you get into the industry?

I met on the internet a girl who was a dominatrix. She interested me as I am kinky and always dominated my boyfriends. There I realised that I could do it for a career. I started to look into and did some workshops and decided that it was definitely for me. I’ve loved every second.

What Kinks and fetishes have you been enjoying the most lately?

I adore breath play and smothering. I enjoy rope bondage and my all time favourites is electrics.

What sort of music do you play in a session?

I get bored of my own music so I make my slaves choose which is always amusing as they become flustered having to make a decision for themselves that should also please me.

What three pieces of equipment could you not live without?

My bondage bed so I can tie slaves up. I love pressing really hard with a pinwheel and also a flogger which is also something I adore.

How do you unwind in your free time?

Cooking, the spa, walking in the English countryside. I love to be outdoors. I love to enjoy a good meal in a restaurant paid for by a slave. I also do a lot of kink in my free time. A good foot rub.

Do you have a funny story or session to share?

I was going to have a strapon session and I went somewhere like Anne Summers and bought a tiny bottle of lube and a bottle of cleaning product. I started lubing his arse only it wasn’t the lube it was cleaning product! So his arse started throbbing. Oh dear!