Miss Opium

How long have you been a prodomme?

I’ve been a professional Dominatrix for about 2 years and so far, its been a lovely journey.

How did you get into the industry?

I’ve been a lifestyle Dominatrix since I was about 16. My initial sexual experiences always involved dominating men using a variety of different cocks and things! A couple of years ago I moved to London and the scene was completely different from where I came from and there was so much energy. I had become a bit bored of playing with lifestyle slaves with the same repetitive fetishes and wanted to experiment and meet new people, to try out new fetishes and really get nerdy about BDSM and femdom! Since becoming professional, Ive met so many more people – submissives, fetishists, slaves, all sorts of different people from different walks of life interested in femdom. It’s helped me grow a lot as a Dominatrix and a Dominant and of course, a little money on the side never hurts!

What Kinks and fetishes have you been enjoying the most lately?

My current kinks and fetishes are ball busting and nipples. I love that men have these two tiny little buttons which have absolutely no purpose on their body but when I twist them, so much pleasure results. Yummy!

What sort of music do you play in a session?

The kind of music I enjoying playing during a session is classical. I love how soft it is and how different pieces of music can bring out different emotions. I’ll create a playlist building up to something more heavy like a symphony, then bring it back down. I find lyrics a bit distracting so definitely something classical is my ‘go to’.

What three pieces of equipment could you not live without?

Definitely a cane, a strap on and nipple clamps. But then hands are an implement too so “bonus’’!

How do you unwind in your free time?

I spend a lot of time drawing and making things. I like to use my hands and not just for hurting people, but also for creating beautiful things. I make a lot of floggers and sexual implements that I can then apply to my work. It’s a bit more personalised because often when you buy something, it might not be exactly as you like whereas I can make something that’s tailor fit for me.

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