Lady Valeska

How long have you been a prodomme?

For 4 years

How did you get into the industry?

I was very lucky to have met a ProDomme in Toronto. I was hoping to being mentored by her and she was open to me working with her so it just fell into my lap, honestly.

What Kinks and fetishes have you been enjoying the most lately?

Latex is a huge fetish of mine and lately I’ve been getting into ws and of course every woman loves strap on play.

What sort of music do you play in a session?

As a goth at heart I enjoy a lot of rock music, I love industrial so it’s a bit harder. But also there are times where I do softer and I’ll listen to female artists as well.

What three pieces of equipment could you not live without?

I’d pick a whip, my strapon harness and a latex hood.

How do you unwind in your free time?

I love to travel and exploring the world and enjoying different cultures though hanging out at home with Netflix and pizza is good too.

Do you have a funny story or session to share?

One of my ex co-workers sessioned with me recently and I don’t know if I completely believe him, but he said he didn’t realise it was me. When I saw him at the open door I had a big laugh because I didn’t realise it was him until he showed up.

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