Ladies Required for Filming

Terms and Conditions

We will be filming clips on a weekly basis at the Suite. I will be co-ordinating the filming, but not necessarily featured in the clips or even present for filming when I am travelling.

Filming days will generally run from 1-6pm with two Dommes featuring, filming clips either together or separately. Though ideally you would film up to 5-10 clips each and also 5-10 clips together. We would prefer clips to extend beyond 10-20 minutes in length.

We will provide a professional cameraman with lights and sound equipment who will also produce and edit the clips.

We will also provide filming subs, although if you have someone you like to work with please do bring them along (maximum two per Domme).

You are free to choose your areas of interest or expertise in which to film. 

There are two options for sale and distribution of clips:

Option 1 (which is recommended) is that clips will be available in the Hoxton Dommes store soon after filming, then you may sell them in your own store(s) from two months later. We have found that simultaneous release lowers overall sales figures in our experience.

Option 2 is that we will pay you a fixed fee of £100 for a day’s filming and then content will be exclusive to Hoxton Dommes, however Option 1 is recommended.

We would like Dommes to bring classic Fetish wear so that we have a unified theme. Leather, latex,thigh high boots and stilettos – classy and sensual.

We will be filming in the bedroom of the Suite as well as the dungeon rooms. We would like you to promote the brand on your social media accounts before and on the day of filming.

We would like to use this to build a brand for Hoxton Dommes and to grow a community, including group meetups for celebrations and Femdom Gatherings.  I am very well known and my reach is far, I can help you to build your profile and give any advice as appropriate towards growing your own brand.

Ladies that come from any UK cities or abroad are invited to stay for the night at HDS providing the suite is available on that evening. You will be my guest and stay free of charge however I ask for the £30 cleaning charge. You may offer sessions in the evening until check out time the following day at 11am.  We will both discuss the T&Cs beforehand and everything must be agreed upon at the time of your filming application.

If you would like to be part of this opportunity please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Let’s make top quality Femdom content together!

Madame Caramel

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