Mistress Idie Grey

  How long have you been a prodomme?

Not that long, I started about 4 months ago, so I am quite new to the scene

How did you get into the industry?

I was still in school and in a relationship with somebody that didn’t really go to plan. So I ended up leaving him and then he ended up wanting me back. In that time when he was literally on his knees wanting me back I just discovered that it was time to take control in the relationship. Because my feelings for him weren’t there, I just took and took and really loved it. Since then I actually discovered that I like women and now how I see men is very different to how I used to. And that is kind of how I started.

What is your favourite part of being a dominatrix?

The control literally the control of everything, I love it.

What Kinks and fetishes have you been enjoying the most lately?

My definite favourite kink I would say is face sitting. I just love to put my whole body weight on someone’s face. Boot worship because all my shoes have to be shiny at all times as you can see..

What sort of music do you play in a session?

That can change depending on my mood. Mostly I like listening to instrumentals because I don’t like the lyrics to take complete control of the vibe. But if we’re talking genre, I would say my favourite is jazzy or a slow rock.

What three pieces of equipment could you not live without?

I’d say my whip, because you never know when somebody might be misbehaving and you need to teach them a lesson. Secondly my boots, because you never know when somebody might want to get trampled on or when somebody is around to clean them. Thirdly I’d probably say my corset because you always want to be sucked in at all times.

How do you unwind in your free time?

Alcohol! Literally just give me a glass or a bottle of wine or vodka and I’m good. Literally helps me to relax

Do you have a funny story or session to share?

All of my sessions are very discreet so maybe we’ll keep that one secret for now.